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In this section you'll find source code, worksheets, and other useful items for each chapter of the book. You can also download a free coloring book here

The Missing Fireflies

2: The Firefly Refuge

firefly refuge simulation

Redesign the trap into a home

3: The Fireflies' Message

firefly messenger simulation

Build a system that can communicate messages

The Glowing Moss

5: Goblin's Gold


Protect this rare species from thieves!

6: Securing the Moss

secure enclosure

Making a secure environment to protect the moss

7: The Whisper Network

Caesar cipher

Encode and decode encrypted messages

Geode Quest

11: The Stone Library


Build a library for your stone collection

12: Hide Or Seek

phishing email

What data should remain private and what public?

The Petrified Forest

15: Power of the Weak

A-Frame workspace

Design the interaction between the characters of the world

Legends of the Field Mice

20: The Real World

Let your imagination run wild and explore the ways you can make your world a better place using the tools you tried in this book. Share your work in the Forum!

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